Commercial Plumbing -
    Monkey Wrench Plumbing has the skill to make sure that you commercial plumbing needs are taken care of, on time, and right the first time! we are affordable and trust worthy. Monkey Wrench is available 24/7 for your commercial needs, and will proved FREE estimates for jobs that you would like to have bid.
Residential Plumbing Contractor-
Monkey Wrench Plumbing is a family owned and operated Plumbing Company that is Local to Sonoma county. We offer low rates with the highest of quality, and the finest costumer service. We would love the opportunity to earn your trust, and be your plumber for life. Weather you want a new faucet installed or a new addition to you home we are there to help! Even if you just have a plumbing question- feel free to give us a call!!!!
Plumbing Leaks-
Leaks are something that every homeowner will encounter at some point – most leaks are a quick fix..... if repaired right away! Leaks are not just wasting water they can damage you home! Do not wait when you spot a leak, call Monkey Wrench Plumbing and handle it today!
Plumbing Repairs-
Weather it is a leak from a faucet, or a entire house that needs to be plumbed, Plumbing repairs are something that you can not neglect! The average household's leaks can account for more than 10,000 gallons of water wasted every year, or the amount of water needed to wash 270 loads of laundry.
Main line Stoppage-
There are many reasons why your house can have a main line clog, some symptoms of a main line clogs are more then one drain backing up – sewage in the shower/tub and bobbling when waste lines are used – tree root seem to be the #1 reason! Monkey Wrench Plumbing will camera you line for FREE (upon request)
Garbage Disposal Replacements & Repairs-
Garbage disposal are amazing products, and are advancing quickly- there are now disposal just for homes with a septic system!There are many sizes and brands to chose from, call us today to see what would work best for you!

Clogged Drains-
These can be an issue in every home! You can always try pouring backing soda down your drain followed by vinegar! This tip can help you when you need it most, and if this does not work just give Monkey Wrench a call!
Camera Line Video-

 A video camera line inspection pipe will identify all types of problems, such as root intrusion and pipe that is misaligned, broken, punctured, off-grade or corroded. The camera also identifies grease buildup, leaks and obstructions. The inspection can be repeated after any service is performed to verify that the line has been properly cleaned or repaired.
Water Heaters-
        Trouble shooting – Check the Pilot light and if it is out Try to relight your pilot light! The cold water supply entering a water heater may drop as much as 25 degrees during the winter. This temperature difference will cause a water heater to recover much more slowly. A 40 gallon water heater can only deliver about 27 gallons of usable warm water. Its very easy to use up hot water without realizing it. As sediment builds up in a water heater, it takes more energy to heat the water.

Most of the time there is a way to repair your water heater without having to replace it! This could save you Hundreds! There are many parts in water heater! Some water heaters may even have a computer that will let you know exactly what needs to be repaired!
If you do need a new water heater you have found the right Plumber for the job! we will get you taken  care of quickly and efficiently! We always disposal of the old heater and will replace all the hook-ups needed for the whole water heater system to be new! Did you know that is code in California to have an expansion tank on you water heater? this will also help extend the life of you new heater!
            Disposal! our water heater are always recycled! for gas heater this means taking some parts off, so that they are able to be taken in and recycled!


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